A Chinese Man, an African man and the Bank – Welcome to South Africa on a Monday Morning…

It starts off with the Monday madness, you know, all the rushing, people being in some kind of trance frenzy still from the weekend and oh boy the Monday Blues we are all too familiar with. For some reason poor Monday is hated by many and liked by some.

Now we all know what it’s like to have to go to the banks on a freaking Monday morning, its like a big no, no, NO hell NO. So anyway the banks open at 9am (eye-roll), by 8:30 am you are standing waiting in the queue trying to be one of the first people in, well let me tell you, it’s not always the case. 9am rolls around, they open and eventually after all the pushing because people are still in their zombie state, you finally make the line at like number 10 and the wait begins, because well its African time and South Africa wouldn’t be South Africa if that didn’t exist. Our Monday morning bank business was quite an interesting one with some drama, nothing less expected from our people.

It starts off with a total of four cashiers, including a teller at the Forex. Ten minutes pass by and the Forex teller still has no one in the line, the queue for the other three tellers are getting longer and longer, of course though. By this time our beautiful people are getting more irritated as they have to wait so long. 30 minutes pass and we have barely moved to the front, but yet the Forex teller is still sitting there with no clients twiddling her thumbs. All of a sudden one of the tellers gets up and leaves obviously for a personal emergency. The manager (well she looks like she could be some sort of in – charge) comes in there, starts just standing around the other two tellers which are clearly busy with the customers, and starts chatting to the Forex Lady. Now of course most people speak their minds, so for that manager to do that was a mistake, because it had the customers in a rage of fit.

The Chinese man had his say first, and then the African man got involved, it soon started all the drama words flying back and forth in all sorts of languages from everyone, shocked faces of the cashiers like they have absolutely no idea what caused all this and a madman that sent the papers flying everywhere. To make matters worse the manager was pretty rude about it all, now I am not at all blaming the poor lady that ran off because she did look unwell, but for starters the Forex teller could have been helping other customers, and the “manager ” could have stepped in and taken over from the other teller that had rushed out, instead of having a good old conversation. People do have lives and jobs and other important things to do too, do they think we have time to stand at the bank all day? None the less, the drama died down and eventually we were all helped.

Moral of the story, don’t push the buttons of the people on a Monday morning and do stupid little things that is simple common sense, the people will unite together to stand up for themselves and for the others, and this is what makes our nation beautiful.


The opinion of a C.v.t



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