While I’m still young…

Moments come and go in the blink of an eye, some memories last and others fade, people come and go in a flash, life begins and ends constantly…yet some people still choose to live there lives being unhappy. 

Now I get asked 1000 times or more what my plans are for life, and honestly I can’t tell you. I realized that plans don’t always go to plan, anything can happen and why spend all your life missing the little moments that make life: Life itself. 

I learnt to love myself the most, because in the end you the only person who truly has you and under all that confidence and bravery I portray is a demon fighting other wars. 

I discovered peace with the past is necessary, money can buy me happiness like a plane ticket but it can also buy the less fortunate food and clothes. Now, I won’t change for people who have tried to change me, being someone’s else’s doormat is not okay and give people what they want to see but be authentic about it, your hater will follow you like it’s there religion. 

So while I’m still young I’m choosing to live in the moment, I don’t have a 5 year plan, I’m trusting God with my journey and winging it and so far it’s been an amazing one. Labeling people is bullshit, let a person be who they want to be or love who they want to… we all bleed the same and smile the same, so for goodness sake loose the fucking labels. I’m choosing to let people go who want to leave my life, I’m still happy for them tho. I’m taking a lesson as a blessing and learning with mistakes, even if I make them 100 times. I choose to travel and see it all, to find inspiration in people’s daily lives and to simply smile at strangers. I choose to say NO and mean it, to live for the truth, gain knowledge in different parts of the world, listen to people’s stories and live a simple life. I choose to be broke when I have to be but also to hustle for the beautiful life helping the less fortunate along the way. I’m choosing to be happy, some people won’t agree with my choices or whatever they want to be, but that’s okay because I choose ME. Anything is possible if you put your mind to it, I’ve learnt to sacrifice a lot to get where I am today, but my mom deserves the world so I’m hustling to make her proud and myself proud. I’m choosing to love even the ones who are too scared to be loved, I was once in that place too, but I chose to let that person go, and I pray that they find someone whose strong enough to love them the way they deserved to be loved and fill in the missing pieces. I choose to follow my dreams and play by my rules and to challenge myself like never before, and I’m not the only one whose going through the ups and mostly downs of life, but I choose to lift my head and smile at the world. 

Lastly I choose to make a change for myself and by myself, I choose pray, hustle and slay above all. I choose ME. 




These packing stories… the struggles and the story of my life

Well some of us know that with the love for traveling comes the familiar packing and unpacking stories of our lives. Yup, the great big move is upon me and so is the packing again.

For some of us it takes 10 minutes or even maybe a day or three to unpack after a trip, but for others like me, sometimes it takes packing for another trip to unpack from the previous trip. I am absolutely guilty of being lazy when it comes to packing and unpacking I must admit. The first time I traveled internationally, I was super excited to pack, and when I came home I was even more excited to unpack because I had gifts for every one from my travels. Now after a few more times, packing gets to a point where it becomes a struggle and a pain in my ass.

Now I am super excited for my next move and rolling my semi unpacked suitcase out today, totally inspired me to start unpacking and repacking…..pfffhhhhtttt who was I kidding? That inspiration lasted a full 10 minutes of throwing out all my clothes and creating a mess around me. Then obviously  I decided that a nap was a good idea and promised myself I would start packing when I got up, nope that wasn’t the case either. After doing some other activities that were just stalling the process of packing I decided at 09:07 pm that I actually needed to start packing. By this point I had my poor Mom stressing even more about me not packing. So I decided to create a hurricane aftermath and pull out all my clothes from my closet, well it got as far as half on my bed but mostly on my floor, nothing in the suitcase though and one big choatic mess. By this time I have a bunch of stress – balls (a.ka. my people) stressing at the fact that I am not stressing about packing. I find this super hilarious and they are not amused at all, which makes it even more funnier, but I still love them.

At some point from now on reality started kicking in and soon I have to say my goodbyes again. Some say it gets easy, but I think it gets harder each time. I realize that its only one more full day to spend with the people I love, one more day to see their smiles and give them hugs, one more day with Charlie for nap time cuddles (Charlie is the family dog by the way) and one more day to pack my damn bags LOL. But the craziest of all, its one more day before I board a 14 hour flight + an 8 hour layover and a third flight to my destination, walking through customs worrying if I have thoroughly not packed anything “illegal”, not that I have anything illegal to pack, and one more day to walk the beautiful grounds of South Africa. But like they say if you don’t go after what you want, then you’ll never have it and I’m doing exactly that, I am chasing the exact thing that I wanted. After all, we all have the choice to create our own destiny and some of ours include a lot of packing and unpacking.

travel Quaote 1


And lastly dare to live the life you’ve always wanted, even if it does mean that you have to unpack and re-pack 152 0000 times, it makes funny stories when you’re older. Remember you have this one life to choose how you live and to leave a legacy that will continue for generations after.

So what legacy will you want to leave behind? The one question that sparks my soul every time.




It is what it is…Learn to vibe with the good vibes and let go of the negative ones in life.

Northern Lights Alaska 2015
Northern Lights in Alaska 2015

Sometimes in life we don’t always get what we want and that’s okay. We lose sight of our own dreams to chase someone else’s dreams. We forget to love ourselves the way we deserve to be loved. Or We choose to give up on the things we want the most, until one day we are forced to sit down and think about the life we want.

Procrastination is an addiction, man I tell you once you start procrastinating on one thing it happens all the time. Believe me I had my wake up call this week.

vodka punch with a view

  1. Learning to accept the feeling of fear – it is sometimes a good feeling and its ment to be there for a reason otherwise we wouldn’t have emotions. Now applying for a visa can be so tricky, hard and stressful or simply quick and easy. My best advise when applying by yourself is research, research and research some more until you have found everything that you could possibly need, and give the embassy what they want. Being rude and arrogant at the people who are processing your documents, wont get you anywhere either, wait your turn and don’t be bitchy when they request more documents from you. Girl you will get #denied, witnessed it just yesterday happening to a lady who thought she was the queen bee and was rude and cursing that would put a sailor to shame, well in the end they turned around and denied her entrance into the country. Its common sense though drop the ego and arrogance for your own good.
  2. Uh the subject of feelings is at number two – Learning to let go of someone who you can’t stop thinking about is hard, but holding onto nothing is harder. Sure we all meet someone at some point that we have undeniable chemistry with, and you two just click on some level even if it is “just friends”, but soon that fades to. Now for me, it was that person who was constantly in the back of my mind and only realized it at the last-minute that it was feelings. Denial is a crazy thing though and oh boy that ego is even bigger, from both sides. For a person like me, I had walls up protecting myself exactly against that,  (and so did that person) I was never looking for it at all but somehow the chemistry was just there. Either timing was not on my side or karma was turning whatever it may be, I came to a conclusion… I can’t lose what was never mine and I can’t keep what doesn’t want to stay. As hard as it is, I learned to accept the fact that we will always be just that and nothing more, due to circumstances and different levels and all the other bullshit that goes with it. It gets tiring at some point and you find yourself thinking of them less, making less effort and just continuing on with your life. It’s not a bad thing at all, it just starts to matter less and they will always remain apart of your life, and honestly you are truly happy for them. But just because you letting go of one person does not mean you have to run back to an old flame, nah uh. Its time to face the fact of life and love again, after all its the unexpected thing that change our lives… Don’t chase anyone who isn’t chasing you.
  3. Motivate your damn self the most (in my opinion) – Your big motivator in life is YOU. Sure you have friends and family and others supporting you and motivating and inspiring you. But it’s really YOU that make your final decisions, you choose your final answer, your final result and your success. You have to let go of the fake friends, the toxic relationships, cut ties with all the unnecessary bullshit that life is giving you and LIVE the way you want, we not on this earth forever so don’t waste your time doing what makes you unhappy. Everything in life is temporary including you, so why not be you ? Trust me you’re going to have haters either way but they are your biggest fans, watching you like there lives depend on you. I don’t know what to tell you about this, I guess thank them, I don’t know. Many times people have asked me why I am doing what I am, or why haven’t I done this or that… Well if I was living by the rules of thinking what society teaches you to think then I wouldn’t be the person I am today, and all of this is my own choices. I follow my own fate, creating my own destiny becoming my own powerful person, I honestly don’t need approval or validation on the choices I make in life. I live, I learn and respect my choices, the good and the bad. I choose to be happy and to see the world to live a life that one day I can look back on and be proud of, the scars, the memories, the desicions, the choices to the lives I hope to inspire and the lives that inspire me right down to creating my unique destiny. I will rise even if I fall down a million times and make myself proud and my parents prouder.

This quote sticks by me through times I needed to hear it the most and it always will.

“She believed she could so she did”

So after procrastinating for weeks about going for my visa, I finally decided to do it spontaneously, my stress levels were through the roof though and I questioned my sanity on more than one occasion, but I went and it was a walk in the park. All that stress and anxiety was a bit dramatic, because like I said before if you fill out everything correctly and give them what they want, its hassle free in the end…. and totally worth it all. I let go of the negative vibes I was giving myself and focused on what I wanted most in life, I also learned that things are what they are and letting go is important, because greater things are bound to happen, and that sometimes over reacting isn’t necessary, and owning up to your faults and saying sorry when you must, is a good feeling.

SO BABEs Go and continue to MAKE YOURSELF PROUD !!!! Be Happy and love life to the fullest.

me with a camera