Goodbyes, Airports, 13 hour flight and layovers…. my kind of happiness.

Some say that money cannot buy happiness, I have a totally different view on that. You see the thing is we live in a world where we have been spoilt, we grew up wanting unnecessary things and we got it. We never grew up where we had to catch our own food, or make toys out of old wires and tins (now I know that there are still some traditions where they are happy with very little, but I am speaking in terms of the majority of the world), nope we grew up with money and credit cards of debt accumulating to be able to afford the life of luxury. And it all comes down to the one thing we all love and cannot live without: MONEY.

And I fall into that category completely, do I love money? Yes I do, that’s why I work to travel and repeat. Would I have been able to afford to travel without it? I doubt it. So yes money does make me happy, because it can buy me a plane ticket and that’s what makes me even more happier. Now the saying goodbye part is the worse, they say it should get easier but I think it gets harder each time I leave. Maby it’s the fact that you reconnect on a whole different level with people again, or it’s the meeting of new people, but some how saying goodbye all over again gets harder to do. Its harder to regret not taking the perfect opportunity though. And as for the best 13 hour flight I just had from South Africa to Hong Kong, it was totally worth the 8 hour layover to follow.

So today as I sit at Hong Kong International Airport waiting for my last flight (the amazing long layovers I truly adore), I realized we all have this perfect idea in our heads about perceiving money to be evil. Now on some levels as greed and jealously comes into play it can be, but for simple people like myself and many other travellers, it’s the route to all happiness in its glory. It’s that feeling that makes you excited, nervous, happy and sad all at once, the feeling of knowing you are about to explore new territory.

Where did I get this topic, well I overheard a couple fighting over money here at the airport and at some point the one said that they are happy because they bought the plane ticket and then boom it hit me that so much of us are alike, where people cannot accept the fact that we want to travel, we want to explore and to wander, we want to be able to say we have seen it all, and for me that’s exactly what I am doing.

I am going after what sets my soul on fire, the one thing my heart desires the most, the travel life.


A C.v.T blogging from Hong Kong International Airport.